With the acquisition of a USTA Pro Circuit event to Iowa City, the University of Iowa Sport and Recreation Management program will provide the opportunity for several students to develop and execute the tournament's production alongside professor Alex Voss. Hosted at the Hawkeye Tennis and Recreation Complex, the Old Capitol Futures will bring a variety of different players from around the world creating a unique opportunity for these students to put their teachings to the test. 

Each student will be given a different role based on their previous responsibilities. These students have been hand selected by the department to create an exciting atmosphere surrounding the tournament, a task the University is proud to sponsor. The team will develop and execute a marketing plan to promote the tournament within the corridor and across the state. While individual roles are important, the team will act jointly in the operation to make this event a success and have it return to the HTRC in the coming years.

The following are only a few of the responsibilities that will be given to members of the team. The Old Capitol team will create a tournament website and develop social media platforms, which they will then utilize social media content to connect with tennis fans and participants around the world.  The team is also responsible for executing operational responsibilities such as venue preparation, hospitality management, prize money disbursement, and volunteer oversight.  Once the tournament is over, the team will be tasked with evaluating the success of the Old Capitol Futures Tournament and making recommendations for future editions of the event, such as future marketing plans.  The team will also assemble an inventory of assets and develop recommendations for future sponsorship partners to create a financial foundation for the tournament's future. 

Guided Field Experience courses are faculty-led with all students having a common set of learning objectives. These courses have regular meetings in addition to work outside the classroom. This work ranges from operational to strategic and consultative. Work is often problem-based and team-oriented. Current & past industry partners of the Sport and Recreation Management programs include partnerships with the Iowa Wild of the American Hockey League, an affiliate of the Minnesota Wild of the NHL, the John Deere Classic a PGA tournament which is followed by the Open Championship and the San Diego Padres of Major League Baseball among many others. After this tournament is finished, the department hopes to make this experience a practicum which has the potential for long term retention. 

Tournament Partners

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